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Our Current Work in 2016

The development of the Baobab Training Seeds project has gone well this year. The tensions surrounding the disputed Presidential elections served to remind us again of the importance of helping communities to communicate more openly and to engage in difficult conversations more effectively.

We are very pleased to be welcoming two new members onto the Baobab Training Seeds team. Richard and Dorothy have joined us as apprentice facilitators, working alongside Susan and Iness who have been facilitators for the last 3 years.

On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 August, Susan, Iness, Dorothy and Richard worked together with Gayle-Anne to review and refresh their learning and skills. On Wednesday 24 August we ran the first day of the Listening Skills training, which was attended by 3 members of staff from Tujatane School and 19 women from the local village, Simonga. Despite the threat of elephants blocking their return journey to the village, everyone lasted the day!

The facilitation was largely done by the Zambian team, with Gayle-Anne supervising and providing minimal input. It was exciting to be facilitating in a mixture of Nyanja, Tonga and English!

Another new development is that over the next 6 or so months Iness, Susan, Dorothy and Richard will organise and facilitate a further 3 days of the Listening Skills training for this same group of people. The photo below gives an understanding of how these four days fit together and create a path to further learning about parenting and managing difficult relationships.

As part of their social responsibility commitment, Remote Site Solutions, based in Lusaka, have agreed to donate their expertise in managing the local funds for the Baobab Training Seeds project.

We offer our thanks to them for their encouragement and support.

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