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Our Work up to 2015

Our initial project started at Tujatane school in Livingstone, Zambia. The school was chosen as it is committed to staff training and plays a leading role in the community. This made it an ideal place to asses the impact of the work with individuals, an organisation and local community.

Baobab Training Seeds now has two people, resident in Livingstone, who can deliver all of the Baobab Training Seeds courses.

In 2015 it was agreed that both Iness and Susan would take on an apprentice, providing more skilled facilitators.

Gayle-Anne will be visiting Zambia for the last 10 days of August 2016. During her time there she will be mentoring Iness and Susan as they coach their apprentices. There will also be a listening skills course for new members of staff at Tujatane school and individuals from Simonga, delivered by these four Zambian facilitators.

Gayle-Anne will also be spending time making arrangements for sound financial administration within Zambia, so facilitators can be paid for their work and be encouraged to organise more frequent community conversations.


The initial research work investigated if it was possible and useful to teach counseling, interpersonal and psychosocial skills to key community members (teachers and healthcare workers) to give skills and support that simply don't exist at present. It is a simple and cost effective way of encouraging community cohesion.

In 2011 & 2012, Gayle-Anne both facilitated and delivered the core programme which resulted from the associated initial research at Tujatane School.

In 2013 three members of staff at Tujatane School delivered the listening skills training to colleagues who had not attended the sessions in previous years. They were supervised and supported throughout this process by Gayle-Anne. This work turned out to be a huge success and you can hear some of the stories of the people involved that year.

In August 2014 Gayle-Anne returned to Zambia for two weeks. The first week saw the completion of the project at Tujatane School, Livingstone. Two of the staff who delivered the listening skills training in 2013 facilitated days focusing on stress, understanding issues around all forms of abuse and understanding & exploring alternatives to corporal punishment. Gayle-Anne supervised and supported them in their delivery and herself facilitated a further day on understanding interpersonal dynamics.

Self-sufficiency being one of the key principles of Baobab Training Seeds' work meant that during this visit the necessary materials and resources for all the facilitated days were gifted to Tujatane School enabling them to continue offering these workshops both within the school and to the wider community.

The second week saw the start of the programme at a new school in a new area of the country, namely Hands of Compassion School, Ndola. This was an exciting development of the project as two staff members from Tujatane School traveled with and co-facilitated with Gayle-Anne.

At the start of 2015 Iness Chulu and Susan Muleya, who co-trained with Gayle-Anne in 2014 in Ndola, arranged and delivered their first two training days on their own initiative. Congratulations to them for continuing the good work. Gayle-Anne returned to Zambia during the first two weeks of August 2015, working with staff at Tujatane to deepen and widen their thinking and skills around appropriate behaviour management for children.

For further information on the training provided please visit our Training page.

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