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Baobab Training Seeds provides training in the following skills:
  • listening;
  • assertive, collaborative communication;
  • understanding human interaction, including emotion, patterns and processes;
  • understanding and managing stress;
  • understanding the effects of abuse of different kinds and how to manage them;
  • exploring societal issues such as corporal punishment, the role of women, parenting skills etc to encourage change in understanding and behaviours in individuals and communities; and,
  • group facilitation.

The result of providing this training in these skills is to:

  • Increase the level of emotional support available within local communities;
  • improve communication and collaboration in communities and between individuals;
  • improve community cohesion joint exploration of common issues;
  • enable reflective thinking leading to changes in approaches and behaviours at home, school and work;
  • increase confidence in teaching and supporting children and supporting adults who have been or are being abused, whether the abuse is sexual, physical or psychological;
  • increase understanding of processes and motivations of those who abuse others, making communication with them more effective;
  • increase resilience in managing stress;
  • promote self-belief in individuals and communities; and
  • increasing self care, self reliance and self-responsibility within individuals and communities.
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